Education is good, but at every junction consider the following before signing on for a course


Just some very simple advice that I hope others can elaborate further on.


You should carefully consider the reason for your interest in a certain education.

Is it because you want to learn new skills that you can adapt to your work situation? Is it because you want to start or expand, your own business, online or offline? Is it because you want to satisfy your curiosity? Any other reasons?

Any education requires a clear understanding of your reason for signing on to a certain training. Make this very clear to yourself. The more reason you have for wanting to acquire new knowledge and/or skills the more motivated you will be and the more likely you will be to complete the course.


Any course should preferable have both text, images and videos included as basic training material, whether you study online or offline. In addition there should be some guide either in person or as a contact online that you can turn to if you need clarification on certain issues during the course.

Once you have made clear for yourself why you want to sign on for a course, the next step is to find out what is needed to reach a certain goal.

Many short-term courses can be simple and easy and the goal may only be to finish a few lessons. But if you are aiming for a certificate, a diploma or a degree, get to know, and understand, what are the various studies necessary to reach your goal, before you sign up.


Do you want to get more education offline or online?

If you want to study offline there are many issues you must take into consideration like where is the nearest, and most convenient, institution having the training you want.

If you want to study online your place of study is more flexible, but you must make clear that it is possible to study at the place of your choice. Do you have the space available, will you have the ability to concentrate on your studies at that place without a lot of distraction you cannot control?


This is a very important point as you have to find time to study.

If you are alone and in charge of your own time this is less of a problem, then it is just to set a schedule for your sessions of training (and keep to it).

If you are living in a family situation, maybe with a spouse and children, the rest of the family must be included in a discussion about your endeavor. Specific number of hours per day, week, month must be cleared of all disturbances for you to study.

If you are in a job requiring you to spend certain number of hours, fixed or flexible, this must be taken into consideration and you may many times experience that you must choose between your job and your studies.

All-in-all do not be too optimistic as to how many hours you can spend or how long a course will take as there are many factors that can mess up your schedule. When you have decided on a certain number of hours needed, it is wise to reduce that number to half, or two thirds of your first estimate. If not you may find yourself in a stress situation that may lead to you dropping out of the course.


How to reach your goal for the education, is entirely up to you, but be very clear concerning the points mentioned above or you may not get the results you intended.

When you have completed a course you are seldom “set for life” but will find yourself needing or wanting further education. Development in our environment is not stopping up, although sometimes I wish it would, and you will more and more often find yourself needing, or wanting, more training in one or another area of the never-ending education highway.

But above all don't be discouraged, no education is perfect, but it is the key to the future!


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  1. Hello Leif, thanks for the article. When I was attending college, it was difficult for me, considering the fact that I had to work full time to support my family, and I was unsure of my major. I dropped out, and had to find myself and think about my future plans. I have discovered WA, and completed the courses since I can take them anytime. I am now working part time on my online business until it becomes successful over time, and that I can turn it into a full time opportunity. Education is the key to success, and you can’t get no where in life without it. Thanks again for the blog, continue to do what you do!!!

    • Hi Ahmad,
      Thanks for the comment.
      I know the feeling of working and studying, I went through that myself many years ago, working full time and studying in the evening and weekends. tough but doable if you are into something you really want. And being a bit stubborn also helps……
      Anyway I had my goal set and made and now I’m retired and enjoy a new activity here on WA. Just started but like it very much.
      I wish you all the best and remember, be a bit stubborn!
      take care

  2. Sorry Leif

    I took a long time. I was actually busy with learning since I started just less than a month. You site is simple in looks but it carries lots of inspiration. I used to teach Maths and Science before. I wish you proper well in all that you hope and dreams.

    How long r u in your site building ?


    • Hi Ngain,
      I’m still building up the site and it is far from done yet.
      Level 4 in Boot camp and want to finish that before I’m getting serious.
      I had a number of different subjects, including math and science, which I found very challenging and interesting.
      At present I’m retired so starting this as a past-time more or less, but any extra income is also welcome.
      All the best

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